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Tutorial - Connect Your Airbrush and Compressor

Welcome to MDP Tutorial for Hooking Up Your New Airbrush

MDP airbrushes and mini compressors are easy to connect.  You’ll be up and painting in minutes. 

Connect your new airbrush to the mini compressor.

Let’s first identify the parts and pieces you need to locate.  Included with the pictured airbrush set, are a Hose Quick Disconnect (circled, top right corner) and Hose Adaptor (circled, lower right corner).

The Hose Quick Disconnect (Disconnect) is actually two pieces.  Simply slide the retaining ring down and the small male end of the disconnect should pop free of the housing, separating the two pieces.  The Hose Adaptor (Adaptor) is already attached to your air hose.  Typically, the adaptor is only a finger-snug fit and should be easily removed from the hose.

The mini table-top compressor comes with a hose that has a Quick Disconnect already attached to one end.  The other end of your hose has female threads with a rubber “O” ring for a seal.  Using the Hose Quick Disconnect that was supplied with the airbrush, attach the quick disconnect piece to the hose.  Note, anytime you are connecting into a fitting with an “O” ring, the connection ONLY needs to be finger snug. 

The other end of the hose with the disconnect already attached, is secured to the compressor.  Simply slide the retaining ring down (or back) toward the hose, and push the end over the nipple on the air compressor.

You will now want to screw the small male end of the Hose Quick Disconnect onto the bottom of the airbrush.




The “O” ring is a small black rubber seal embedded in a connector.  Anytime you have an “O” ring, the connection only needs to be finger snug.  Over tightening with damage the “O” ring.

There you are, ready to get started painting.