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Custom Decals - Prepare Your File for Printing

Print Ready   (View/Print as PDF)

Print Ready (Windows OS only)   Create and format your file so that it is print ready. Print ready means that your file will conform to the page setup guidelines and file types provided below. Print ready means that your lettering, numbering, single-color detailing, will print at your desired font size and style. 

File Types  

Types   Be sure your file extension is compatible. For lettering, numbering, lines, single-color detailing preferred file types:

  • Word (.doc or .docx) or PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx)
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or SerifDraw (.dpp or .dp)

Page Set-up   

Be sure your custom decals will fit within our decal sheet print area. ModelersDP decal sheet print area is 7.5" wide by 3.0". 

  • Set page size to Letter or 8.5" x 11"  (Even though the print area of the decal sheet is only 7.5" x 3.0", the Page Size setting must be 8.5" x 11")
  • Margins should be set to 0.5" at top and sides
  • Page Layout Orientation should be set to Portrait
  • Decal sheet print area starts 0.5" from the top of the page and extends to 3.5" down. Print area is approximately 7.5" by 3.0"  -- all print items must be within this print area

When you need multiple decal sheets, each decal sheet (7.5" x 3.0") must be on a separate 8.5" x 11" page.  There is no problem with having multiple pages within one file. 

If you require duplicate prints of the same decal sheet, specify the number of prints per page in your email request.

    Example of decal sheet prepared in MS Word:

      Font Style   Use fonts included in your software or download and install fonts. Many fonts are available for download from various websites. Some fonts are free.

      Non-conventional Fonts    If you use a font that is not included in the original software, please let us know the font name you are using.  You can send us the font file or check with us to see if we already have that particular font.

      Determining Font Size   Because font styles vary in size, choose the font style before you begin sizing the font.  To begin sizing your font, know where you want your decals to be placed on your model or project piece and, using a ruler, determine the approximate length and height of each decal segment.

      Next, type your decal text in your chosen font style. 

      To size your font, a good place to start is your computer monitor. Set the monitor view to 100% and using a ruler, measure the length of your decal segments on your monitor, resizing the font until you reach the length and height desired for placement on your model or project piece.

      Now, print your decal text and measure the printed segments or cut out each segment and place it on your project to check the fit. Make new adjustments to font size as needed. Print, measure, adjust, repeat until your printed segments are the size you desire.

      Font Color    Please format standard CYMK colors according to the color/shade you desire.

      Items to be printed in white    Because items formatted as white will not be recognized by the printer, use a black font. In your email request, specify that all black fonts are to be printed in white. If you are already using black for other items, choose an unused color for the items printed in white and specify white print in your request.

      Items to be printed in metallic or foil    Format in black.  In your email request, specify that all black fonts are to be printed in the desired metallic or foil. If you are already using black for other items, choose an unused color for the items printed in the metallic or foil and specify the metallic or foil print in your request.

      Heralds, logos, and multi-color graphics   We do not offer a printing service for heralds, logos, or multi-color graphics.

      Questions? Contact us!

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