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Custom Decals - Prepare Your File

Print Ready:  To be print ready, your lettering should be the desired font size and style. Any lines or graphics should be the size you desire when printed. We can make minor adjustments to layout or duplicate your items if needed. Other minor adjustments can possibly be made upon request without additional cost. Please be sure to define color assignments in your email submission so that our team members understand what is to be printed in which color.

For best results, review the topics below before emailing your file.

File Types  Be sure your file extension is compatible

Page Set-up   Fit your custom design to our decal sheet 

White, Metallic, or Foil  If your decal contains white, foil, or metallic colors, read this section

How-to and Tips for Microsoft Word  Need more help using MS Word? We can guide you through creating, sizing, formatting, and setting up your decal file. 

Questions? Contact us!

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