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About Us

Modelers Decals and Paint -- an enjoyable and economical solution to finishing your models

I love the hobby of model railroading.  Building the layout, assembling kits, painting and decaling – I love all of it, but the hobby is not free from challenges.
Painting presents its challenges; messy oils and enamels add an element of complication…and dread. Acrylics all come with mixed reviews, thinning with windshield washer fluid or water, some dry too fast and clog the airbrush, while others don't give you a nice opaque coverage. I wondered how I could make this hobby more enjoyable along all avenues? 

Having a background in chemistry, I went to work – and after a few experiments with polymers, pigments, and carriers related to surface energy, wetting components, bonding, and surfactants…success!  My newly-formulated acrylic paint had great coverage, flowed beautifully through the airbrush, and was a low-odor, easy-clean-up mix.  

Together, my wife and I run our online shop creating the paint products we sell and standing behind their quality. As our business grows, our goal is to meet your needs as we strive to provide you with an enjoyable and economical solution to finishing your models.

Modelers Decals and Paint LLC, Cumming, GA