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Airbrush - Gravity Flow, Dual-Action Trigger with Hose, Quick Release, 3 Needles, and Tips

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  • $ 3995

Airbrush with Hose, Quick Release Disconnect, 3 Needle Sizes & Tips 

 A quality airbrush set at a great price!


Gravity Flow, Dual-Action Airbrush

3 Nozzles: 0.2mm, 0.3mm (installed), 0.5mm
2 Nozzle Caps: 0.2-0.3mm (installed), 0.5mm
3 Needles: 0.2mm jet needle, 0.3mm jet needle (installed), 0.5mm jet needle
Quick Release Disconnect
Air hose is 6’ with standard 1/4" thread air compressor hose or fitting
Nozzle Wrench
Basic Instruction Sheet



The ideal airbrush for use with ModelersDP acrylic airbrush paint
Dual-action trigger controls both air flow and paint flow (press down for air, pull back for paint)
Easily change the width of the line and the volume of paint passing through the brush
Gravity feeds the paint from the top-mounted 7 cc cup for an internal mix
For additional control, adjust paint flow by setting the needle stop
Working pressure: 15-50 psi
Quick Release Disconnect provides simple disconnect and reconnect of airbrush to and from hose
Smaller nozzles (0.2mm, 0.3mm) for finer line work and larger nozzle 0.5mm for extra coverage
Nozzle wrench – use for removal only!

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