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Tech Tips - Painting

Tech Tips For Using Modelers Acrylic Airbrush Paint

Choosing Airbrush Features

About Airbrush and Air Supply

Dual Action or Double Action Airbrush

Air Supply Quick Connect/Disconnect

Gravity Flow Airbrush

Siphon Flow Airbrush

Airbrush Tip Size

Model Preparation

Styrene Models

Metal: Primer or No Primer

Prepare Your Paint

Stirring the Paint

Straining the Paint

What if my paint won’t mix?

Paint Your Model

Compressor Pressure

Blemishes and Runs

Apply an Opaque Finish

Apply A Weathered Look

Paint Dry Time

Paint Cleanup

Airbrushing Miniatures

Tip Size

Controlling the Cone Spray

Nozzle Size

Needle Taper

Needle and Nozzle Cap

Air Pressure

Consistency of Paint